Our farm spread over 25acres is home to a content herd of Holstein Friesian cows, located on the green banks of holy river Ganga , maintain perfect mix of technology, 24x7 veterinary supervision & personal care to provide excellent care to our cows and producing quality milk.Milk & Milk Product from our dairy is free from oxytocin , mastitis infection and brucellosis. Our state of art milking procedure leaves no place for use of oxytocin and cows with even smallest trace of mastitis are segregated by our machine. Our farm also takes lot of care to ensure our cows are always Brussels free, these milk have using of manufacturing of Desi Ghee.

Benefits of Cow Milk

Cow Milk is Sweet in taste and a healty digestive.

1.Cow Milk has several nutrients which helps glowing and                 wrinkle free skin.

2. Cow Milk is a great source of calcium, which is essential for           healthy bones/joints/teeth.

3. Cow Milk contains high quality proteins, which increases               immune system and metabolism in body

4. It helps in reducing overweight.

5. Cow Milk increases brain power in children and reduces                 stress level.

6. Cow Milk reduces risk of high blood pressure,heart attack             strokes ,cancer and other diseases.